The most common question regarding chiropractic care for children is when should they start? From the first days of life all the way through the teen years (and beyond!) is the best time to have your child adjusted. The amount of pressure used and the technique are modified to fit each child based on their size and reason for being adjusted. The Doctors at Acu-Chiropractic have many years of experience in treating infants and children of all ages, including their own!!

Many babies receive their first subluxations from their position in utero or in the birthing process with twisting, tugging, and stretching of their tiny spine.

Children are by nature active and energetic.  They take numerous tumbles while learning to sit-up, walk, ride a bike, or even while jumping or running around.  But after their tears have dried, underlying injuries could go undetected-such as a misaligned vertebra during the spine’s most formative period.

Young athletes can also benefit from care.  By helping the body function at its optimum level naturally and without drugs; performance on and off the field can be improved.   The “sack” of a young quarterback or a softball pitcher could twist the young spine.

Symptoms such as:  colic, torticollis, excess fussiness or gas in an infant, fever, stomachache, sore throat, ear infections, bed wetting, poor posture, hyperactivity, and frequent colds or flu may be evidence of subluxations.

These subluxations are the very things that Chiropractors work everyday to fix!